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Tribe Afrique

Asemahle Affirmations African Satin Bonnet by Tribe Afrique

Asemahle Affirmations African Satin Bonnet by Tribe Afrique

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Proudly made in South Africa.
Fits sizes small to large best

This reversible satin bonnet is made from silky soft comfortable satin material which reduce hair friction caused by cotton pillowcase and also maintain hair moisture while keeping hair in order.


- Non-Slippage Bonnet: With wide long stretchy band, the big satin bonnet will stay in place while you move during sleep time to protect your hair throughout the night. Soft material of the band makes it comfortable for long time wearing.

-Reversible and double lined: This reversible satin bonnet has 2 layers of fade resistant satin fabric, both side smooth silk, making it thick and high quality to lock your leave-in oil inside overnight. No color or liquid will leak to stain beddings. This Bonnet also has a beautiful plain black side which is suitable for dyed hair and prevent dye from spreading. Each side has Silky smooth touch which is perfect for Curls, locs, braids, waves care.

- Comes with a complimentary Tie/headband: makes it easy for you to tie the wrap in a desired comfy force/tightness. around heard. This soft bon-bon tie string also makes it easy to fit everyone in their own desired fit/force/tightness and comfort. You can use soft wide Band on the hair satin bonnet to make a beautiful bow on forehead or side. The bright colour of the satin sleep bonnet will match your pyjamas cutely.

-Comfortable Material: This satin bonnet uses high-quality satin material that is soft and comfortable, does not irritate the scalp, and allows you to enjoy a more comfortable sleep.

Hair Protection: This bonnet can protect your hair from pillow friction and static electricity, preventing hair tangling, breakage, and keeping your hair healthy.

- Multi-functional Use: This sleeping bonnet is suitable for various occasions, not only for sleeping at night, yoga, gym, housework, makeup, sleeping, washing hair, hair care, sofa rest, and so fancy you can confidently step out with it and still get compliments!
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